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Yoga Meditation Cushion Zafu Pillow

Wether you are brand new to meditation or a seasoned student, this meditation zafu allows you to maintain perfect posture and COMFORT during your practice so you could sit for hours and never become stiff or aching. Our ergonomic design is made specifically for all over comfort. Starting from the base, the zippers on the outer cover and inner bag allow the filling to be adjustable to EASE WEIGHT AND PRESSURE from your low back. It’s easy to remove some filling if you feel the cushion is too full, and add it back if you change your mind! The round and pleated design allow your legs to rest easily off to the sides or in front of you so circulation is not cut off, again, avoiding pain and aching.

A strong practice starts with a strong base. Beyond just seated positions, this is a great pillow to lay on after a long day hovering over your work space; place the cushion between your shoulder blades while laying down to RELEASE NECK AND SHOULDER TENSION. Use it to prop your feet up if they need some extra love, or to prop your knees up while laying down to take the “pinch” out of your LOWER BACK.

This product is designed for all body types, SIZE 15” DIAMETER 5.5” HEIGHT with a carrying handle – it’s VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL! What makes our cushion the best? Order one now and find out for yourself! Designed in NASHVILLE, hand sewn in INDIA. Designs hand chosen by our founder, a Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, to be stylish and fit your personality!

EASE THE PRESSURE – each cushion has a zipper on the outer cover and inside bag allowing you access to the buckwheat hull filling. North Corner Yoga’s cushions come FILLED FIRM so you can remove filling as needed and save it for future use! 15” DIAMETER 5 1/2” HEIGHT – North Corner Yoga’s meditation cushion is the perfect size for everyone, providing support for the sit bones to create the ideal posture.
FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE – with an eco-conscious cotton canvas outer cover and buckwheat hull filling, this meditation cushion is sturdy and durable. It’s not only beautiful, but of quality. A zipper on the outer cover makes it removable from the inner bag and WASHABLE in cold water, hang to dry (wash instructions on the inside of the cover). A CARRYING HANDLE makes this zafu easy for transportation and travel friendly!
MINDFUL DESIGNS AND COLORS – our cushions were carefully created by our owner, a registered yoga and meditation teacher. This cushion is functional, beautiful and stylish! Choose from our 3 solid colors, or our 3 printed designs!
NAMASTE WARRANTY – 2 year extended warranty when you sign up for North Corner Yoga’s FREE MEMBER PROGRAM (information included with purchase).

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