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Waterglider International Zafu Yoga

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The Waterglider International cushion is different from the rest…

​​​Not all meditation cushions are created the same.  Most of the cushions you see today are manufactured in China using buckwheat hulls from unregulated Chinese farms.  Many of the brands even actually make claims that the buckwheat is “organic.”   Additionally, these cushions are filled in China by overseas labor. This labor is not regulated as it in is North America.  Furthermore, these cushions are often shipped directly from the factory in China.  

The Waterglider International meditation cushion is completely different.  Sitting on this cushion, you can be rest assured it was constructed ethically and responsibly.  Yes, it costs more for us to assemble these cushions in our own warehouse.  The organic cotton costs more.  Labor in the USA is expensive.  But we think you will agree that it is worth it!

We use buckwheat grown in the USA from USA farmers.

How do we know your cushion is stuffed with USA grown buckwheat?  Because we purchase the buckwheat DIRECTLY from the farm….from right here in the USA!  We have always purchased our buckwheat husks from USA farms and we will continue to…always!

And we employ 100% refugee labor to assemble each and every cushion

Meet Mubarek, Gamar, and Abeker…recent immigrants to the USA from Africa.  These gentlemen work hard, everyday, stuffing and assembling your meditation cushion.  We pay our employees well above minimum wage levels, offer regular wage increases, and we just started a new profit sharing program.  Trying to explain to these guys that we would be sharing profits with them was a bit of a challenge since they had never heard of such a thing!  We are proud that these gentlemen are experiencing a litte slice of the American dream.  

Quality cushions are available in 6 vibrant colors

We also offer the Waterglider International cushion in a CRESCENT shape.  Same vibrant colors and quality.

The convenient handle hides the durable zipper.  Zipper is located directly underneath the handle.  If you feel like making your cushion a little less full, just open the zipper over a bag or container and slowly tip out the husks.

We overstuff each cushion!  Why?  Most mediation practictioners prefer their cushion to be less filled than what we provide.  Our philosophy is simple: we overstuff so you can create just the right level for you.  Plus, you can keep the extra stuffing to add if you need to down the road.

Perfect for all Yoga & Meditation levels
Traditional round shape
Fill removable for washing
Filled with eco-friendly USA grown buckwheat husks
14″ diameter by 6″ tall

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