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OMMETTA Waterproof Meditation Cushion

Product Description

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Why Choose The OMMETTA Waterproof Zafu Over A Non-waterproof Yoga Cushion?

The waterproof features protect the buckwheat hulls which can easily be damaged when exposed to liquid. There are numerous causes, including accidental drinks spilling, pets may urinate on it, or using the cushion outdoors in high-risk areas such as the beach, lake or in the rain. When the buckwheat hulls are slightly moist, this increases the risk of mildew growing inside the cushion. In addition, the cover also has anti-UV features which help extend the longevity of the buckwheat hulls as well as the cushion fabric from long sun exposures.

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A Faithful Companion On Your Spiritual Journey

Comfort is key to achieving enlightenment when you meditate. OMMETTA Waterproof Buckwheat Cushion promotes proper body alignment and alleviates pressure on knees and ankles during half lotus, full lotus, or other sitting positions. Natural and organic, buckwheat hulls conform to your sitting position to provide superior ergonomic support and exceptional breathability for those extended meditation sessions.

Follow Your Bliss

Our Meditation Pillow boasts a resilient waterproof anti-UV outer cover so you’re free to lose yourself to the sounds and sensations of nature. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves or the rains. Being waterproof, you can be worried-free from someone spilling drinks or pets leaving behind unwanted stains. A zippered inner shell allows you to add or remove hulls to suit your preference, and the outer waterproof cover can be removed and machine-washed.

Enhance Your Bohemian Space

Our Meditation Cushions come in an array of beautiful colors, as well as in round and crescent shapes, to suit your meditation preferences. Round pillows measure 15”W x 5”H, while crescent pillows measure 18”W x 4.5”H.

Time To Replace Or Upgrade Your Old Cushion Cover

We also carry meditation cushion Cover Only (without buckwheat filled). This allows you to fill up the cushion with any content of choice, or to change out your old cushion cover, or to have an upgraded waterproof feature that will help extend the life of your buckwheat hulls.

FREE Bonus Eye Pillow With Your Buckwheat Cushion Purchase

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Each buckwheat cushion includes a FREE Eye Pillow that may be used as a hand pillow to add support and comfort for your hands during meditation. The pillow size is 9.5”x6” with silk outer cover, and inner cover filled with organic flax seed and lavender. Both covers have zippers that are safe to be used in microwaves when used as an eye pillow for relaxation, relieve stress, and sleep aide.


Every time you purchase an OMMETTA product, you are planting the seeds of Dhamma across the world. At OMMETTA, we are donating 100% of the profits to non-profit meditation centers as well as meditation outreach programs across the globe. By planting these seeds, we hope every individual, from children to the elderly, will get educated on the importance of self-awareness and the benefits of meditation.

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OMMETTA Round Meditation Cushion

OMMETTA Crescent Meditation Cushion


OMMETTA Crescent Cushion COVER







15 inches

18 inches

15 inches

18 inches


5 inches

4.5 inches

5 inches

4.5 inches


Burgundy, Navy, Natural, Black, Brown, Purple, Gray

Burgundy, Navy, Natural, Black, Brown, Purple, Gray

Burgundy, Navy, Natural, Black, Brown, Purple, Gray

Burgundy, Navy, Natural, Black, Brown, Purple, Gray

Waterproof Outer Cover

Carrying Handle

Machine Washable

Buckwheat Hulls Filled

FREE Eye Pillow

ERGONOMIC DESIGNS with thousands of buckwheat hulls moving in response to your body and conform to your unique shape and sitting posture. A zippered inner shell makes it easy to add or remove hulls to your preference.
GENEROUSLY SIZED to accommodate both women and men. The round zafu measures 15”W x 5”H and crescent cushion measures 18”W x 4.5”H with beautiful color selections to match your personality. Filled with 100% Organic buckwheat hulls and 100% Organic cotton covers unzip for easy washing.
WATERPROOF ANTI-UV OUTER COVER with carrying handle lets you immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Meditate in rain or shine, by the beach or in unpredictable weather, without harming your zafu cushion. Waterproof makes it pet friendly and protects the buckwheat to last longer.
FREE EYE PILLOW (for limited time only, while supplies last) for deep relaxation, sleep aid, stress & migraine relief. May be used as a hand pillow allowing your hands to rest more comfortably in the perfect position during meditation.

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