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here and now, family owned and operatedhere and now, family owned and operated

Very comfortable zafu meditation cushion filled with buckwheat hulls

Our meditation pillows are designed by meditation practitioners for meditation practitioners to achieve the perfect height, firmness, and pliability, for a successful and relaxing meditation routine.

Optimize your meditation exercise.

The correct posture, alignment, and stability are essential to maintaining focus during meditation. To achieve the best positioning, your center should be lifted to maintain a straight and upright spine and avoid leg pain and back pain.

Adjustable height & flexibility.

Our cushions are filled with extra buckwheat compared to an average cushion, so the individual’s physique and personal preferences are always taken into account. For all our friends who love an even firmer pillow, we have included a bag with extra buckwheat so the pillow can be customized to your individual needs.

You can simply remove some buckwheat filling if you find it too high and firm, or add some if you find it too low and soft.

Are you searching for a practical, stylish and very comfortable meditation pillow, which is full featured and can be easily and comfortably adjusted in height and flexibility? Then add our very comfortable zafu meditation cushion in premium quality filled with buckwheat hulls to your shopping cart now and lift your meditation routine to the next level!

Not just any cushion.

charity, 1 percent for the planet, here and now supply, environmentcharity, 1 percent for the planet, here and now supply, environment

Help make the world go round.

Even as a small business, we strive to make an impact whenever and wherever we can. With your help and purchase, we will donate 1% of our sales to groups that will make a positive difference on the planet.

meditation cushion, lotus, embroideredmeditation cushion, lotus, embroidered


Carry bag included
eBook included
Filled with fine buckwheat
Extra buckwheat included
Adjustable height & flexibility
Designed for comfort
Outside layer machine washable
With handy carrying handle
Durable material

✔️ FREE CARRY BAG AND EXTRA BUCKWHEAT – Take your practice wherever you go and make sure your cushion is adjusted perfectly. We have included a carry bag for portability and keeping your cushion clean. Also, we’ve included a bag of extra buckwheat to adjust the cushion to your liking!
✔️ ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR PREFERENCE – Simply remove or add buckwheat to adjust the height, softness, and pliability of your cushion. We even included a bag of extra buckwheat for those who prefer a more firm cushion!
✔️IDEAL POSTURE & SUPPORT – Our cushion promotes proper posture and spinal support as well as relieves joint pain. We aim to help you optimize and deepen your meditation practice.
✔️ DESIGNED BY PRACTITIONERS – Our product is designed by yoga and meditation practitioners for practitioners. We have included all the aspects of the perfect cushion to optimize your practice.
✔️ LIFETIME WARRANTY – We take pride in our excellent customer service. If there are any issues with our product, we will gladly help you resolve them. Receive a replacement product or get your money back!

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