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seat of your soulseat of your soul

seat of your soulseat of your soul

Achieving serenity and inner peace in today’s busy world isn’t easy, but meditation can help. It calms the mind and reduces anxiety, so you can focus on the things that are really important.

Seat Of Your Soul meditation cushions are designed to make meditation easier, more comfortable and more convenient. Meditation has a bigger impact on your if practiced regularly. Daily meditation has been shown to promote emotional health, enhance focus, fight insomnia and help you get to know yourself better, but you’ll only achieve these incredible benefits if you can meditate comfortably on a regular basis.

seat of your soulseat of your soul

seat of your soulseat of your soul

For A Comfortable, Focused and Deep Meditation – No Matter Your Size or Shape

Meditation is all about focus, so comfort is incredibly important. Whether you’re concentrating on your breathing, a mantra or the thoughts passing through your mind, you can’t maintain a deep meditative state with an aching back, neck or hips.

Seat Of Your Soul meditation cushions are designed to perfectly form to the unique contours of your body when you’re in a meditation position – whether that’s lotus, half-lotus, Burmese Position, Seiza Pose, kneeling or whatever feels most comfortable to you.

The supportive, flexible design helps keep your back straight and your spine aligned perfectly. No matter your height or weight, it forms around you so you can sit comfortably for hours with perfect posture and not be distracted by numbness or pain.

Stuffed with 100% natural buckwheat hulls for sturdiness & durability

Washable, zippered organic cotton cover

Ergonomic design aligns your spine and eases strain

Adjustable to your liking by adding or removing the buckwheat hulls

Available in 7 stylish colors.

seat of your soul

seat of your soul

seat of your soul

seat of your soul

seat of your soul

seat of your soul

Made To Last With The Best Materials

The high quality buckwheat hulls found inside Seat Of Your Soul cushions will not compress or flatten over time, so the cushion will stay comfortable and supportive for years to come. If you want the cushion to be softer, you can simply remove some hulls. If you want it to be firmer, then you can add some more. It’s completely up to you – and they are stored in a second inner pouch to make removal hassle free.

The outer cover is made from soft, smooth and ultra comfortable organic cotton. It has been GOTS certified, so you can be sure it’s from an ecologically sustainable and socially ethical source.

A Wide Range Of Colors and Sizes

Achieving perfect meditative comfort isn’t just down to the design and the quality of the cushion. You also need to find the perfect size for your own body type. Seat Of Your Soul has a range of sizes and even shapes so you can find the perfect cushion for you.

They also come in a wide selection of colors – perfect for creating a serene meditation area in your home that matches perfectly with your own decor and sense of style.

Versatile and Multi-Functional

Seat Of Your Soul cushions aren’t just for meditation. Many of our customers find them so comfortable that they can’t stop sitting on them. They are perfect for sitting down at a low table, for crouching on the floor to play with kids, or simply to sit and watch TV.

They are also ideal for yoga practice, firm enough to serve as a substitute for yoga blocks or for welcome support during a particularly difficult asana. They even have a comfortable carrying loop, so you can take them to your yoga class or group meditation sessions with ease.

seat of your soul

seat of your soul

seat of your soul

Seat of Your Soul Crescent Meditation

Seat of Your Soul Zabuton Meditation

Seat of Your Soul Zafu Meditation


5 inches

4 inches

5.5 inches


17 inches

24 inches

15 inches


Aqua, Navy, Natural, Red, Black, Purple, Grey

Aqua, Navy, Natural, Red, Black, Purple, Grey

Aqua, Navy, Natural, Red, Black, Purple, Grey

Machine Washable

GOTS Certified Organic

Carrying Handle





THE ZABUTON – BALANCE AND STABILITY FOR YOUR KNEES AND ANKLES: Place a Zabuton underneath your zafu or crescent cushion to provide extra support for your joints. Our Zabuton pillow measures at 4” High x 24” Wide, so you can concentrate on meditation without suffering discomfort in your knees and ankles.
DURABLE ORGANIC COTTON WITH BUCKWHEAT FILLING: Our cushions are solidly built, with good materials and heavy stitching. The removable cover is made from soft, durable and sustainable GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. It’s completely machine washable, just unzip and use a cold cycle.
FIRM, SUPPORTIVE AND COMFORTABLE FOR ALL SHAPES AND SIZES: We designed our cushions through extensive research, testing and customer feedback. They will support your spine perfectly no matter your size, weight, gender or body shape. That means less fatigue, better posture and a longer meditation.
FIND THE PERFECT SIZE AND COLOR FOR YOUR MEDITATION PRACTICE: Finding the right size cushion is important to avoid pain, numbness and leg cramps. We have a variety of sizes, so you’ll find the perfect cushion to significantly improve your posture during long meditations – no matter what size you are.
100% MEDITATION COMFORT GUARANTEE: We believe our meditation cushions are the most durable, comfortable and supportive available. If you experience pain, numbness, cramps or discomfort – or you just dislike the cushion for any reason, then we’ll give you every penny of your money back.

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