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BLUECONY IKUKO Original Meditation

Our society forces us to spend countless hours sitting or hanging motionless in unnatural ways. Our ergonomic chair is designed for people struggling with a standardized cross-legged position, but is also found to be enjoyed in various situations. Whether you practice Vipassana meditation or are doing hero or lotus cross-legged pose, it will help you maintain your posture, stay focused, and relax. By tucking your legs underneath it and sitting upright, it will prevent fatigue and leg numbing, ease back or neck pain, remove strain, and allow you to enter very deep meditative states without shifting positions. For those who have hip, ankle, or knee problems, or are not very flexible, this bench will offer an effortless sitting experience in kneeling. This stylish bench is also a great conversation starter. Sit in many positions with perfect alignment so you are comfortable while meditating. Designed and handmade in local massive wild cherrywood with a beautiful wood finish for long lasting durability, enjoy a more natural and comfortable way of sitting while eating at a coffee table, reading, working, playing with kids.

COMFORTABLE MEDITATION – Designed and handmade in local massive wild cherrywood in Quebec by ergonomics/posture specialists. The curved and arched seat provides optimal comfort and support without the need of a cushion. THREE height sizes available depending on your height and flexability. Low (6″ height for those 6′).
BACK AND BODY SOLUTION – The open sitting angle between thigh and torso and the kneeling position (aka Seiza position) allows the back to automatically straighten so the spine balances properly over the pelvis, rediscovering its natural curve decreasing damaging compressive loads on the low back, allowing deeper breathing, better circulation, energy flow, and general well-being.
TRAVEL VERSION – The Original IKUKO bench can be easily dismantled by removing both legs. Slip it into its 100% Organic Cotton bag travel bag and take it with you for all travels. Use it for Yoga, prayer, seiza, all-day workshops, retreats, as a stool, a chair for teachers reading to kids, a kneeling or a low bench. Bring IKUKO with you everywhere!
POSTURE ALIGNMENT – This relaxing bench is a wonderful alternative to a meditation cushion, zafu, zambuton, or chair. Designed for those struggling with a standardized cross-legged position and anyone wanting to relax muscles, increase energy level, improve circulation, and expand shoulders for a gratifying deep prana breathing.

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